Lynn Pope

“I live in Durham City. I was educated at Sunderland and Newcastle Universities. Since leaving teaching in 2004, I have followed my two passions; writing and photography. I enjoy working with mixed media: illustrating, sketching and scanning to digitally re-create flowers and the natural architectural and industrial landscapes I come across. You will find this reflected in my photographs as well as my pictures digitally arranged or composed combining various mediums.”


“I am often inspired by the written word and am fascinated by both the literal and the metaphor in literature – the use of denotation and connotation to promote layers of meaning. My pictures often attempt to mirror this with the juxtaposition of the figurative with the abstract. I produce my finished artwork in my studio at home and I exhibit in the locality.”


“I separate my work into two groups; Collections which consists of interesting photographs and Arrangements & Compositions which consists of pictures arranged or composed digitally, combining various mediums.”

“I am happy to produce new and individual variations of some of my pieces or customise according to your own specifications.”


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